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British Indian Emergency Medicine Association (BIEMA):  

A New Beginning of a Long Journey

A group of emergency physicians who graduated from India, currently working in the UK have formed a volunteer organisation with a vision to contribute to emergency medicine in rural India. In addition, it plans to support new doctors coming to the UK to work in emergency medicine by providing assistance in settling and achieving a successful career in the UK

The British Indian Emergency Medicine Association (BIEMA) held its inaugural event at Basildon University Hospital on 14th December 2019. Speaking at the event, its founder president Rengarajan Subramanian, announced a new beginning for Indian emergency physicians, fostering mutual collaboration and support. .Katherine Henderson, President of the Royal College of Emergency Medicine was the Chief Guest at the inauguration. After a round of introductions, the afternoon continued with brainstorming, group discussions crafting the organisation’s objectives and future activities.

Academic - Rajesh Vasiraju, the academic lead, briefed the team about the planned academic model to contribute to the vision. The members were encouraged to conduct a training session during any planned visits to India specially in the rural areas. Collaborating across the world with other organisations was also emphasised.

  • Career support - Members took initiative to conduct communication courses and SAS mentoring for its junior members.
  • Membership - A membership drive was spearheaded by PratheepParanjothi.
  • SWOT analysis - Lakshman Subramanian did a detailed SWOT analysis highlighting the challenges to be dealt with by the organisation for succeeding.

Katherine Henderson tweeted it as an interesting day with doctors from India who have serious intent to contribute to the Indian emergency system. BAPIO representative Rehman Khan was present on this occasion and a formal message from BAPIO President Ramesh Mehta, wishing for this occasion and advising joint working between BAPIO and BIEMA. Was read The event logistics was arranged by VijayamahendraDesineni and conducted by VenkateshwaranSivaraj. The day ended with a vote of thanks by GnanaSingaravadivel with a list of the different activities and timelines set for future events.

For more information and update on BIEMA visit:

In the picture: Dr.Katherine Henderson at the centre and Dr.Rengarajan Subramanian to her left with other BIEMA members

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