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In gratitude to HCWs, Sadhguru offers complimentary Inner Engineering Online (IEO) to help support the well-being at this crisis time

In gratitude and appreciation, Sadhguru is offering Inner Engineering Online (IEO) free of cost to help support the well-being of Healthcare workers. Sadhguru has designed Inner Engineering Online as a technology to improve physical health, enhance mental stability, and promote spiritual well-being.

At a time where frontline workers are facing high workload situations resulting in stress, depression, burnout, poor quality of sleep, high levels of anxiety and fear, Inner Engineering Online imparts practical wisdom to help you manage your mind and emotions.


One of the Isha Yoga Center UK volunteers said 'We are extremely grateful to all the healthcare providers for their selfless service and sacrifice to keep us all safe in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.'

Millions of participants have received manifold benefits: increased mental clarity, enhanced emotional balance, heightened energy levels and improved resilience. It is an ideal solution for stay-at-home restrictions.


Inner Engineering Online is a 7-session online course. Each session is about 90 minutes of high-definition streamed videos, which include special talks and guided meditations by Sadhguru.


Dr. Gireesh Naik, Respiratory Physician in Luton-London shares his experience of fighting COVID-19 with Isha Yoga practices: “As COVID outbreak occurred in the UK. I was deployed with 3 of my colleagues (relatively young and energetic) to work as a frontline COVID Respiratory Physician. Unfortunately, all 3 of us got infected. Whereas my colleagues were very ill with significant respiratory symptoms, I never developed any cough or shortness of breath, nor a high fever; within 3 days I recovered completely. The Isha Yoga practices that I have been doing for the last 2 years had an enormous effect on my health especially on my breathing as well as my immunity.”


Click here to enroll for free and for more information.

PS: The course is accredited by CPD with 10.5 credits

Normally the course costs £100

Contact: Anurag Saluja, Isha Volunteer M: 07917588026

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