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Wellbeing of Doctors under Investigation

BAPIO UK Statement in relation to Dr Suresh's Inquest

Dr Suresh was an anaesthetist who gave sedation to a patient for a dental procedure. The sedative given occasionally causes sexual hallucination. The patient accused the anaesthetist of inappropriate touching but there was no witness to this. The patient's description of the accused person was completely different to that of Dr Suresh. However, not only did the police commence an investigation, Dr Suresh was also suspended from work by his employer, restricted from being alone with his own son by the social services and reported to the GMC by the police.

A month later, the GMC wrote to him advising that they too had opened an investigation and that he should attend a hearing in 3 weeks when his registration may be suspended. At this point Dr Suresh took his own life. The family of this doctor has been left devastated.

An inquest into Dr Suresh's death is due to take place between 25 to 27 February. For an effective Coroner's inquest that makes appropriate recommendations

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